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Using the latest software to maximise your asset performance

In collaboration with leading industry experts and built on the global success of Rylson8, we’ve created Orien to take your asset management to the next level. Maximize the performance of your assets and take control of budgets to keep your operation running smoothly.

  • Proven success
  • Clients across the globe
  • Trusted by the largest asset intensive industries
  • Built by industry experts
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Maximize asset performance

With Orien, it’s easy to consolidate, collaborate and control maintenance strategies and budgets across your organization to keep your assets working for you.​

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Minimize risk

Manage lifecycle costs and reduce uncertainty by understanding the critical maintenance activities that keep your operation running.​

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Get up and running quickly

Orien is a cloud-based solution with an intuitive interface that makes it quick to deploy and easy to learn. Our online training portal, interactive onboarding guides and ‘how-to’ videos make it easy to get started, and the Orien knowledge hub lets you access our growing community of global users to learn from and connect with.

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Image of Aiden Dipple
Aiden Dipple

How to know when you’ve outgrown Excel

More asset intensive organisations are embracing the digital revolution, using the latest technologies to build and maintain their operations and become more globally competitive.

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Image of Jon Garnaut
Jon Garnaut

How do you determine the efficiency of a maintenance strategy?

A maintenance strategy underpins the performance of a company’s assets, everything from trucks and drills to crushers and conveyors. Having a proactive maintenance strategy is critical to ensuring each asset performs at expected levels while also reducing the risk.

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Image of Jon Garnaut
Jon Garnaut

Understanding the true cost of your strategy from a budget perspective

A maintenance plan is critical to ensure a company’s assets are reaching optimal performance and to protect the health and safety of employees. By having a maintenance strategy, asset-intensive companies can gain insight into when their assets need to be repaired or replaced and prevent a breakdown.

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